Business Opportunity




  • We use ingot produced in the United State with certified metallurgy. Mullers, sand silos and elevators are stainless steel lined to protect sand for non-ferrous castings. The sand system has a magnetic separator system to clean sand.  We have a complete sand lab with trained technicians in house to keep the sand in proper shape for quality casting. The customer specifies all needed checks, tests, and inspections on the product and the cost is included in the quotation.





  • We are located in a free trade zone, so all materials, supplies, and customer provided tooling come in duty-free with no taxes. The plant is in a secure location with BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) approvals available. Shipping times are short and secure. Transit time from our loading area to the port is four minutes to a gated secure area adjacent to the port. One day is required for inspection before containers leave the port. Travel time to New York is 7 days on the water. Similar fast transports are available to many ports on the Atlantic Ocean. Pacific Ocean ports require a canal passage, but the travel time is still shorter than for shipments from Asia.




  • We have a state of the art rapid cad prototyping system. Production from drawing to prototype can take less than 8 hours. A sample from the reproduction mold can be produced 24 hours after approval of the prototype. Produce tooling is available 5 days after the pre-production prototype is approved. Core boxes are made in-house using the rapid prototype system. Production core boxes produced in house take approximately 10 days.




  • Our new foundry was designed with state-of-the art security, cleanliness, and efficiency. Our labor force is well educated,  wages are reasonable and additional personnel are readily available. We currently have metallurgical, mechanical, and industrial engineers on staff. Our foundry runs 1 shift and has excess capacity so a large increase in production is possible on short notice. All critical machines have back up machines in place so shut downs are minimal.




  • In-house production insures that you have complete security and can control the procedures used for your products. We can produce basic cleaned or machined castings, or a machined and assembled product using your parts in the assembly process.






  • We place a high value on ethical business practices. We respect your proprietary rights to your product. We will not share, copy, or discuss your design with others. You will not see your product copied by us and have to compete with it as is common in some Asian countries.