About Us

Consorcio Industrial Aleados del Cobre, S.A. (CIALC) is located in the international free trade zone immediately adjacent to the port of Barranquilla, Colombia. Barranquilla is a major port city on the Caribbean coast of northern Colombia. The free zone is highly secured with 24 hour security and direct access to port facilities. This direct access allows more timely and secure movement of products and goods to and from the free zone and our plant. Our location has many benefits to facilitate international trade; one of which is the possibility to have US Customs clear our customer’s products at our factory.

Barranquilla has excellent transportation connections to the east and gulf coasts of the United States. A boat leaves every Tuesday for New York and the ocean travel time is 7 days. Barranquilla also has excellent freight service to major European ports. The west coast of the United States requires passage through the Panama Canal but the total travel times are considerably shorter than from Asia.

CIALC built a new 35,000 square foot plant. We have additional room for expansion as needed. The plant utilizes several bag house dust collector systems to maintain a healthy work environment for our employees. The plant is also serviced by a state-of-the -art water purification plant which provides a de-ionized water source for drinking water and furnace cooling systems.

CIALC is a green sand foundry with manual jolt squeeze molding, semiautomatic cope drag molding line and a highly automatic Disa molding system.

CIALC molds are made internally using plastic resin systems. CIALC produces castings, machined cast parts and assembled products in a box ready for sale to suit the customer’s needs. Our specialty is red brass from less than a pound to 10 pounds. However, we can cast other brass based alloys and zinc based alloys as needed. We currently employ 70 people. We can hire additional reliable well educated people very easily. Columbia has a well educated and industrious work force, facilitating the expansion of our work.